User Guide


What are POINTS?

POINTS are a non-transferable token where the only use case is tracking.

Which network do I have to be on?

You have to be on the Metis Andromeda network and have METIS in order to pay the gas fee to submit successfully.


Initial Bounty: the initial total number of POINTS available in the campaign
Remaining Bounty: the total number of POINTS left in the campaign
Streamed Bounty: the total number of POINTS streamed to contributors
End Date: deadline of when to submit tasks for your campaign
Award Time: when you are able to claim your POINTS
Active Submissions: the number of submissions for the campaign
Maximum Reward: the total number of POINTS you can earn from successfully completing the task.
Streaming Rate: the amount of POINTS streamed to you on a per-day basis. You’ll be able to receive a continuous stream of POINTS in real-time at the guaranteed streaming rate. If you submit to multiple tasks, you’ll receive multiple point streams. That way, all contributors are rewarded fairly for their work, as the POINTS are directly tied to the value provided.
Last modified 3mo ago