General FAQs

What is Koris? Koris is a platform that allows brands to scale their creator marketing by rewarding nano and micro influencers with dynamic payment streams. It aims to solve issues of scalability, automation, and cost savings in creator marketing.

How does Koris work? Campaign Managers can create a campaign on Koris, allocate a total budget to the campaign, and create bounty tasks with specific content requirements. Creators are then rewarded with a reward rate for qualified content

What results can I expect from using Koris? By using Koris, Campaign Managers can automate and scale their creator marketing, potentially leading to higher engagement and cost savings. Creators, on the other hand, can earn payment streams based on their content and engagement.

Who can use Koris? Koris is migrating towards a permissionless platform, meaning anyone can use it to directly interact with various creators. It is designed for marketing and advertising professionals looking to scale and automate their creator marketing, as well as creators looking to earn from their content and engagement.

What problem does Koris solve? Koris addresses the lack of automation and scalability in creator marketing, as well as the high costs associated with using expensive agencies. It provides a self-service tool that users can use in-house to optimize their creator marketing.

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